Another look at Illegal Immigration

In the wake of the Tax Evasion situation (a vital facet of the game) getting another look in the latest patch, absorbing more inputs and becoming more challenging, I’d like to again point out how wild the Illegal Immigration situation is.

It’s super strong, seems to affect everything, and can single-handedly tank unemployment. It’s like Trump-era logic. The solution to it is literally the damn wall.

It’s not affected by ID cards, drones (presumably patrolling the borders), or other law and order funding, and there’s no long-term solution to re-stabilising the wartorn and deprived places where refugees and impoverished people are desperate to leave. Nor can you agree to immigration quotas with allied countries to equalise the flow into your own nation to ensure resettlement without dooming the immigrant.

I’d love to see a global stability simulation, affected by global economy and carbon emissions, which can be improved with foreign aid, peacekeeping intervention, and multilateral agreements, which influences the rate of immigration, rather than simply simulating the refugee crisis we’re currently in as if it were an evergreen reality.

If a single country can fix climate change and go to Mars in this game, I think immigration ought to be fixable without ultraconservative rhetoric.


While I agree on this, I think that the problem is other, it makes little sense that you can’t just legalize all the immigration with open borders and no checks on refugees policy.
In my opinion the rethink on immigration end making a hard to solve problem into two hard to solve problems with it’s effects doubled, mainly in liberal playthroughs.


I’m glad someone else is giving this topic another round, because I already went a couple rounds with Cliff on this one.

With legal and illegal immigration high the population of the country doubles in a couple terms. If you look at the real world numbers for illegal immigration, it is nowhere near this high even in the worst hit places such as the European countries on the Mediterranean coast or the American southern border states.

Additionally, they way legal immigrants affect a country is completely out of line. Where are the educated immigrants? Where are the immigrants with capital to invest? Non existent is where. Every immigrant in this game arrives on a leaky, overloaded boat, and they’re all impoverished, disease ridden masses, ready to drain the welfare system, flood the hospitals, fill the streets with crime, and put honest [insert your country here] workers out of a job. Build that wall!

Seriously, Trump would be proud of how immigrants are modeled in this game.


Yeah, oh god, of course, that too! Perhaps they avoided that to sidestep trivialising the concept.

Yeah, there’s so much to point at. I really thought it was just unspokenly at the top of their list after it was drafted into the early access build this way, but it’s felt like the book’s been kind of closed on this interpretation.

I know there’s no objective way to make an impartial political sim, but this is alarmingly bad faith modelling. I don’t have a problem with turning immigration, legal or otherwise into a conversation, but if the end of the conversation is punitively militant I feel like balls were dropped.

I remember Cliff being open to the foreign state stabilisation idea in the past, or introducing other carrots into this pile of sticks, but I fear the conversation since went dead.


I have just checked the number because I didn’t remembered them, but it make little sense that max GDP produces a decrease in unemployment of 29%(70,6% if we take in account the effects from fully privatized education, heathcare, rail, water, telecomunications and energy), and,on the other hand, each type of immigration increases unemployment by 24%, when maxed.
Immigration is and should be a political problem, both legal and illegal, but not an economy problem with power to destroy all your measures to reduce unemployment.


In my opinion, I would support work visas as a policy in game. Which would bring in eduacted and skilled immigrants. These immigrants are likely well off compared to the others and thus reduces illegal immigration.