Democracy 2 french translation

Hello everyone, Hello cliffski,

Are you interested in a french translation for Democracy 2 ?
I started a translation few days ago, but there is a problem : special characters like “ç, à, é, è, ê, î, ô” are not supported.
For example : “Président” is written “Prsident” ingame.
If you want a french translation, could you add support for those characters ?

Edit : And thank you for such a cool game :wink:

Maybe it wasn’t clear…

I’m translating Democracy 2 in french and the french language uses some letters with accents (“é” from “café” for example).
Those accents aren’t correctly show during the game. Is there a solution in order to show those accents correctly ?
Otherwise, my translation will be unusable.

Edit : I read in the italian translation post that you don’t support translation yet. I’ll wait patiently… :mrgreen:
Long live to Democracy 2 !