New Designs Not Appearing

When I design new ships they’re not showing up in the deployment menu, the place where you drag and drop silhouettes of the ship into the deployment zone. It makes it very difficult to play through the game and challenges when I can’t deploy the new ships I create :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: It appears that only some of my new designs aren’t appearing, not sure why still since I got a new design to show up. I can still go back to design screen and load it. Perhaps it is because the other new ship I built was done with the design ships button in the main menu and the ones that didn’t appear were created by using the create new ship design button in the deployment screen.

There’s a scroll bar if you have too many ships to see at once, but there is a bug with it, as it won’t display the last ship in the list.

Nah, thats not it, but it IS an equally idiotic error on my part. Forgot to check if it was under another race since I usually build fed ships. Ah user error, nothing quite like it to make the user feel stupid.