New developer blog! (1.27)


4x4 and AWD are actually two related but different things. In a 4x4 you have a mechanism in the cabin that can choose if it is 4wd or 2wd.

An AWD is a vehicle in which the drivetrain is always powering all 4 wheels. Some more advanced systems can divert the amount of power that is going to either axle so that it is more FWD or RWD, but it never actually becomes entirely FWD or RWD.

Indeed, I am considering renaming the body style to ‘off roader’…

Something else I was thinking of today was that air intake. Is there a way to make that an option just for this body style? I know that Jeeps over here in the States have them sometimes but most don’t (and they are all aftermarket parts and aren’t options from the dealer). One of the biggest drawbacks (to me at least) of this game right now is that body styles really aren’t interesting except for making your production line look different. They are all the same except that the compact takes two less door panels. Having certain options that are only on certain models would at least make them feel a bit different.

You also could maybe add some different types of production stations that only are needed for certain styles/types. For instance maybe the axle and drivetrain portion of the line can only do certain a certain drive type. So the default ones can only make FWD cars. You could research AWD and if you wanted to build those types of cars you’d need to switch the existing axle/drivetrain slots to AWD (but you couldn’t make any FWD models) or you’d need to build a new group of axle/drivetrain slots. Then you could make 4x4 an upgrade for AWD slots so that you could add that as an option. That would add a bit of complexity to the line but not require entirely new parts. Course something like suspension needs to be added to the process. Then you could make heavy duty suspension (along with AWD) a pre-requisite for researching the off-road vehicle and both those items would be required to actually build the off-road vehicle (and heavy duty suspension wouldn’t be required on anything else). Just some thoughts though in order to make the car styles feel different instead of just a sedan in a different skin.

Indeed. The body styles do also have some overall cost implications as I recall, to take into account the larger size of an SUV versus a compact.
I only just coded (yesterday!) support for body-style-specific features, in order to get ‘bull-bars’ as an option only for the 4x4, so that will be in the next patch, and we can now support such stuff :D.