New feature (maybe for the standard game)

Hi, as I was playing the democracy game I realized that the breakdown of voters is missing white male, ‘the black vote’ and others of that sort, which are being heavily debated during this recent US election. Would it be possible to add such a mod?

such things can be modded, but you need to remove another voter group, maybe smokers? (which are a rubbish group tbh).
It’s a bit of a sensitive issue for a game though, and not applicable to all countries, which is why it isn’t in there. Women are not in their own group either, and nor are young people The choice of groups was VERY tricky!

Oh, it has to be for every country? so say you have a black group, that’d have almost no people in say a country like japan or Russia?

yes, the groups are fixed, they are not different in each country.