more voter groups....

I would really love it if you cliff could make it so you could add voter groups without deleting old ones…
just make a few scroll bars on the votergroup box, this owuld really open alot of modding operinutys.

I’ll consider this for the next patch. It would be nice to find a simple way to do it, without cluttering everything.

just have some scroll bars on the box…

Indeed, I kep thinking there must be a nicer way though, one which lets you see ti all at once. Maybe I actually do need a 3d or scrolling interface…

what do you mean by 3d?

well the whole interface would exist like a big sphere of connected items in 3d space, and you would move towards and away gfrom them as you focused on them. So you could zoom in and see dozens of voter groups, or zoom out to a particular policy etc.
It sounds ok to me in theory, in practice it might be a bit complex :smiley:

but then it would still be limiteted necause theres 4 sides not unlimited sides on a square…athough even if we od I think we should just still with scroll bars for now and later do what you sead because the 3d thing would take a whole lot longer.

There is a game you might want to have a look at, that is pretty old but was using that kind of 2D “3D” interface. It’s called ascendancy (space conquest, quite the ancestor of Galactic Civilizations 2 for those who know), and the research panel is using quite the principle you’re describing.

I think the ability to rotate and zoom in/out would allow a better flexibility of the interface, yes, so that a high number of policies wouldn’t mean an overcrowded screen.

interesting, I’ll try and check it out.

save the 3d idea for later, and stick with scroll bars do scroll bars in this patch and start working on the 3d thing after, that way we can start making the votergroups and mods earlyer.

While we’re on the subject, I wonder if you could make voter groups by race (at most basic, native/non-native), which are then affected by racial tension? Possibly the same for gender and equality? It would make these factors have greater effects and add some more depth (e.g. if there is high racial tension, people are more likely to vote along racial lines). This would put real pressure on the player to try and handle equality and racial tension, rather than them being minor factors (real life example of apartheid in South Africa, women’s suffrage in UK e.t.c.)

Just throwing out ideas for anyone with the time and skill to use them.

4 things that could really do with being added to the game are age (there is no youth vote, or policies) gender (womens rights etc), sexual orientation (gay rights, gays in military etc, teaching homosexuality in schools) and race (discrimination issues).
I would love to have the time to do a major revamp that adds stuff like this.

Maybe some sub-groups. For example, environmentalists could be broken up into animal liberationists, climate, clean air… with commuters having degrees of sympathy for these voter groups too. Capitalists is a bit of a blunt area as well, and they seem to be pretty much anti-everything. Maybe some more policies that they support to degrees like competition law (at one extreme only a subset of capitalists and the wealthy like it, in the middle most capitalists and small business people along with most middle income people like it, towards the other end it gains more support from socialists). Consumer rights could probably do something similar - the way it’s lumped in at the moment with copyright law is all a bit weird and you’d expect capitalists and small business people to support basic consumer rights (marketplace confidence etc) but not the more robust ones (that’s for consumers/socialists).

Liberals might need a bit of tweaking too - for example, most liberals also have some socialist characteristics and many are also trade unionists - but at the moment they’re blurred with libertarians which is not the same thing as liberal.

Yes! And having a female or ethnic minority in your cabinet boosts your appeal with these groups.