New Order - Repair

I was playing GSB last night and, once again, became very annoyed watching my carrier run out of supplies and seeing my fighters slowly break off battle to move to the left of the screen and fly very, very slowly until massacred by an enemy frig.

We really NEED to separate cautious’s default behaviour and repair for the carriers. Myself and others have brought this up before.

Cautious currently means once x% damage is reached attempt to retreat from battle (go to end of screen, fly very slowly and await to be picked off). Not terrible useful. I would rather see it be used to prevent a ship from rushing into the midst of ships and getting broadsided to death. Make it hang back and try to pick off ships from afar.

Repair. A new Repair order would be great for fighters and larger ships. Here’s how.

For Fighters, when a fighter reaches x% damage it heads for the closest carrier bay. If there are no bays left then ignore and fight on until death (unless the cautious order is in effect). Nice and neat.
For Frigs and Cruisers, have the ships retreat from battle at x% damage IF they possess repair abilities to repair themselves fully (or until supplies run out) then return to battle. Cautious order would take effect once the ship is out of repair if present.

Nice, clean, and really adds to the carrier abilities. And, since we now have the ability to limit supplies for engagements we can have engagements where carrier modules are not permitted. So really, this is just a win win win.

So please add this as I find myself getting so annoyed with the above that I am not really playing the game much as carriers are my favourite part of it.

Thank you

Along with the thousand threads threads that have mentioned this, I STILL WANT IT! (even thought I never really have enough space for carrier bays).