[noob question] Coaxial / Single-direction weapons??

Apologies if this topic has already been covered (I did search but nothing came up…) (^ ^; )

but I was wondering if there’s any way to restrict the arc/direction of fire on a weapon? Basically I want to design a ship with a super gun that can only fire in one direction… (think ’ wave-motion gun’ from Battleship Yamato / Star blazers). Is this possible?? If so, is there a way to tell the ship to ‘point’ itself at a target when firing?

I hope this can be done… honkin’ great space guns are just awesome ( * o *)

Unfortunately this can’t be done :frowning:

The possibility of make specific weapons to fire in specific arc restricions is something that everybody wants and its one of the most common sugesstions made by the players, but unfortunately, for now we cant have weapons firing to custom directions.

No space pirate’s firing broadside ):

I see ( T_T)

well hopefully it’ll get stuck in an update…!

Thanks for the replies everyone ^^