[Request] Weapon salvos.

It would be nice if we could set weapons to fire in a salvo, with a separate shots_per_salvo and salvo_delay variables. This would let you make a missile rack that hurls of 5 missiles with 200 delay between each, but then has to reload for 10000, for example.

Darloth, that’s really an interesting notion. Salvo fire can help to overwhelm a target’s point-defense envelope quite nicely. Thanks for sharing! I have to also admit that I like it because it’s cool. =D

I can easily imagine the munitions handlers hastily prepping as many missiles/torpedoes/whatever as they can grab, badly crowding the working area of the launcher turret as they empty the most easy-to-reach area of the magazine. Seconds count! Get that stuff moving, you apes! However, I think there should be an additional downside beyond the extra-extra-loooong recovery time after such a missile salvo in order to clean up the mess and re-establish normal loading.

Ponder this: in order to so greatly exceed the normal launch rate of each missile turret, all manner of safety precautions and pre-launch handling prudence are going right into the trashcan. The working area of each launcher is now stuffed with waaaay more propellant, oxidizer, etc. than can be safely accommodated at the normal rate of fire. And all of those warheads, or course. (heh-heh)

I propose that if a missile turret takes a hit from enemy fire while a salvo is being loaded, that entire launcher module on that ship is instantly destroyed in a chain-reaction explosion. For extra realism, research the performance of British Royal Navy battle cruisers at Jutland. Let’s have a rule that the chance of collateral damage might do much more than make you lose that one turret… Indefatigable, Queen Mary and Invincible paid that price in full.

If salvo fire is introduced into the game, it should indeed bear the appropriate risks in full. Gratuitous risks, I daresay! :slight_smile:

If possible, exploding turrets shouldn’t be strongly linked to salvo weaponry. It makes a nice option, yes, but it should be a separate option for turret modding.

Pulse lasers that fire in bursts have no more explodability than normal pulse lasers, for example.

there are 2 different things you can do with the salvo or 2 different modules
1 - long relode time to load each chamber
2 - same reload time but multiply roughly by the number of crew that one gun needs

look at the date of the OP and you will know why people put this topic up… it was started before salvos were released.

i dont have salvos so i wouldnt know unless they are in vinnilla and i havent noticed them

they’re in both expansions, and now a ton of mods have some salvos too

well there is why i havent noticed them