[Not a Bug][Bug 1.06] Strange Bug on Car Line

[b]I’m a strange problem in the game.
I have two production lines, but the cars only pass through one of the lines

Red is active
And Blue is inactive because of this bug
How can I fix this? I tried to rebuild but it did not work.[/b]

i cannot see very well but i am pretty sure i got the same “problem” if it’s one
If you delete the intersection and create the route first between your 2 then connect your entry to them.
it’ll create a T and the cars will be able to go on both.
check my art… on the SS you’ll understand.
have fun.

If you look at the conveyor on the blue line, you can see it is pointing in the wrong direction. You need to drag from the intersection to the body station, rather than from the body station to the intersection. This happens to me all the time, laying down conveyors at intersections can be kind of strange.

Take a careful look at the stripes next to a conveyor belt.

It’s now trying to route from the blue body assembly to the other body assembler, as well as to the blue paint.

yup your conveyor belt directions are wrong there.

Thanks to everyone, I really thought it was a bug or something :stuck_out_tongue: