[Fixed 1.04][Bug 1.03] conveyor belts completely broken

I just bought and downloaded the alpha after watching a couple of video’s online and tried making a production line myself, but failed completely because conveyor belts just wouldn’t work at all. ran out of money trying to find ways around it and ran into crippling problems on the 2nd try as well.

problems included cars not wanting to enter into yards, not wanting to leave yards, conveyor belts not connecting to each other properly and even stacking on top of one another, meaning I could delete multiple copies at the same spot. at some point I even managed to have both conveyor belts and the demolish feature selected at the same time, meaning I could click, spend money and not much would really happen.

for example, consider this:

there is clearly space for both factories to output the cars but both factories show the string ‘waiting for line’ instead of doing something. not matter what I try and how I place any of the conveyors it just won’t output them. deleting the yard and replacing it does nothing.
you can also see near the top that the conveyor doesn’t visually connect properly. I can’t fix that by replacing conveyors and only deleting has a chance of fixing it.

I know it’s an alpha and all, but watching the videos made with 1.01 not having this issue at all is surely frustrating.

Hi, something I haven’t made clear is that cars only exit a slot if the next slot is already built, they will not advance onto empty conveyor belts even if they can, they only move when they have somewhere to go to that will work on them.
I am aware of some issues with conveyor belt placement, I’ll be working on them today. The way that (almost) always works is always to click and drag, even if you just lay a single belt tile, in the direction you want to go.
This should work much better in 1.04 :frowning:

you’re right, I had to add the accessories yard and then I was able to get movement again. thanks!


i got a similar issue by connecting the axel-drive_shaft-undercarriage-fuel_tank line. The car body will not enter the fuel_tank fitting.