[Outdated][Bug 1.21] Resource routing problems


I encountered some serious routing problems where a stockpile is requesting resources (axle’s) from the other side of the factory. Even while there are resource importers almost right next to it that are not doing anything.
Restarting the game did not fix it.

See image here:


I have noticed that the axle slots, Window Fit and especially the Door Fit slot are not very good at detecting and then using local resources, instead often choosing to get resources from the other side of the factory when there are stockpiles or even Make slots saying “No Export Room” immediately adjacent.


I was just watching the Window fit as it uses resources. It seems to vary from vehicle to vehicle. One time it needs 3 windows, then it needs 5. Watching the Door Fit, I see that Sometimes an SUV is a 2 Door, and sometimes a 4 Door. Watching further, when its a 2 door, it uses 3 windows in the next slot. Predictive ordering is on. I will watch the door fit to see when it decides what to pre order. But so far, here are some screen shots .

SUV 2 Door

SUV 2 Door, that needs 3 windows

4 door SUV calling for 5 windows

This is one Line that is producing all three vehicle types, one of each in sequence, I have attached the save game as well. Stop Touching Me.xml (2.61 MB)