[Outdated][Bug 1.10] Insuffifient Resources with Fit Windows with Stock Pile

On all 3 of my production lines, I am having trouble supplying “Fit Windows” with sufficient resources. the rest of my lines seem to be working fine, both with and without stock piles, but for some reason, Fit Windows is having trouble even with a stock pile with a minimum of 20 requested (Fit windows requires 5 for each process). I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is the way I have set up my line.

(Save file too large to upload)

I have managed to upload my save game as a .zip
TED (v2) Save Game.zip (979 KB)

Yeah the windows are a little annoying to supply, especially if you also have electric window upgrades installed… then it requests 5 Windows and 1 Servo… and that is pretty much overkill for the Resource Importers, especially if you have more than one Fit Windows Slot.

I think that the Rear window should probably be its own slot… “Fit Rear Window” where the rear window gets attached (maybe even with upgrades like Heated Rear Window for unfreezing the window during winter etc).

And maybe also split up the steps for the side windows… front side windows and rear side windows… also each with their own upgrade capability to install electric windows.

That would alleviate some of the throughput bottleneck.

But there also has been some discussion that the windows should be installed into the door panels directly as a sub-assembly stage and then put the entire door (including the installed window) on the car in the “Fit Doors” stage… which would be more like it actually happens in real life.