Party Public Founding and Costs of Politic

Hi everyone. (sorry for my poor English)
I’m trying to create an italian scenario and there are some burning topic to include in the mod.

Is there a way to create a Policy that modify the total party member? (Party Public Founding: the more you finance parties, the more people join parties)

Also there is a way (I think not) to have more than 2 party?

Hi, sadly there is no way to do either of these things by modding at the moment…

Not quite the effect you’re looking for, and I’ve no idea if it’s possible midgame, but one of the values set at the start screen is ‘political apathy’. Can that value be affected during a game?

If so, a policy for the state funding political parties (or something like the adverts a few years ago in the UK about the importance of voting) could potentially decrease apathy, which at least gets more voters out?

Ha! thats quite a good idea, although currently it is not possible in a mod, the whole thinking behind the ‘script’ part of the modding support is that it would be (relatively) easy for me to add in scripted functions in response to demand from modders, and that might be quite easy to do. I’ll put it on my list…