Patch for Build 2.26 bought at Retail Store


I was trying to use the patch on what I believe is the retail version (build 2.26) and it … cannot update the installed version of Starship Tycoon because the patching program I found on net for build 2.29 says unknown version.

How do I patch this version of the game?

How do I get updates?


I have the exact same concern. Is there any way to patch the retail version?

there currently isnt a patch for the retail version, just the online one.

Okay, are you willing to provide a link so that those of us who bought the retail version can download your online version?

I have to admit, I’m a little hostile over this. I feel like we spent our money just like everyone else, and we’re being treated like we pirated the software, or somehow got in in a less than honest fashion.

I have no qualms about uninstalling and using the version off your website–doing a complete new reinstall. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game, but it’s been a bit buggy. I’ve noticed on your website that all the bugs I’ve noticed were addressed in the patches. I would REALLY appreciate the ability to be able to patch my software–the software that, might I point out again, I bought and spent my money on.

Hi, dont worry, for complex reasons we can’t do that, but if you email me at cliff AT, I will sort out a fully patched full version for you. The problem is the two games are totally separate installs, but I can explain better by email.

Did you receive my email?

Just a bump to let you know another soul has fallen into this gravity well :astonished: . Any word of encouragment would be appreciated. Oh, and I’ve also sent you an email, Cliff, so hopefully I’ll be on your radar as well.

Thank you, Cliff. I’ve installed what you sent me, and it worked great. I’ve really enjoyed all the new changes (especially the–very cool).

I also bought the game at a retail store and would like to get the patches. Cliff, I sent you an e-mail as well from my work e-mail.



Can’t you track down the installer used for the store version and repack the online one so they’re compatible?

Also…HEY HEY! How’s it goin? Still just you :wink: ?

  • Mike

still just me!

Hey Cliff, can you send me the fully patched version as well? I also bought the game from a retail outlet.

I can’t get a patch either, but I’ll email Cliff about the copy. Thank you in advance!

(Just an FYI email).

How do I know what version that I have? I bought the game at a store last week. Is that the latest or do I need the patch that everybody is talking about. The game keeps crashing on the 4th level.

yes thats old, you need to email me.


I am here to see if I can find a patch for my retail ver. 2.26. Nice game so far. Any patches or updates would be much appreciated.

Thanks. 8)


i recently purchased the retail version and i was wondering if it could be patched from 224

please send me the patch (I emailed you Cliff). I’m so fed up with crashing mid mission, or tryin to load a saved game, and boom 'Hello desktop"

Hi Cliff,

Can you email me for the patch for retail ver. 2.26 as well. Thanks.

Well, me too…hey Cliff, I’ve also just emailed you about getting the retail version patch. Oh, and BTW this game rocks!!!