Please wait... Forever...

Until recently D3 ran without a hitch, but yesterday when I wanted to start the game, I got a please wait loading screen (see image below) and it wouldn’t continue. It didn’t freeze as all the buttons would light up blue, but clicking them didn’t do anything.
Just as a test I let it run for an hour, but nothing changed.

I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it (twice), rebooting my computer, removing all the mods, verifying cache, reconnecting to steam and even more (I actually waited a night to see if that would help.)

I am running on Win7 PC and the game is with Steam and has the two expansion packs. The computer just idles and doesn’t get above 10% CPU and 20% RAM. Does anybody have an idea as what to do?

Same thing happened to me :frowning:

Press the ESC Key
Worked for me