[SUPPORT][WIN] Stutter Freeze

Hi guys, new player here and liking the game a lot.
However, after about 90 mins in the first game it came to be that the game locks up for a few seconds, than runs for a second before locking up again. The game is only navigable for that single second, so that even saving and exiting the game through main menu is tough.
Even restarting the game does not work; already in the main menu it starts the freeze cycle.
Restarting the PC worked, but only for 10 minutes before everything started again.

Are there any tips to prevent this from happening?
Hope someone had the illness before and found a cure (pun intended of course). Thank you.

It actually looks like it is connected to the Steam Link I am using to play the game in the living room. After I posted the message, I went upstairs to check on processes during gaming and found out that not only the game worked OK for about another hour, it also did not need a restart.

So it would seem the connection via Steam Link fails intermittently, which it has never done before and did not seem to do outside of the game.
I will continue to test stuff, but any thoughts on this?

Hi Arjan, strange. This is not something I’ve encountered myself. Not sure what to suggest. :confused:

In all honesty I have to confirm the bug and maybe run some diagnostics on it. So far I have only played again on the ice cold attic. Maybe it was a glitch someway.
Also will do a search on whether this phenomenon happens with any other games.

Will let you know if something comes up.
Thank you for thinking along anyway.

Yes! (I think)

Anyway, forgot to say … playing by Steam Link definitely does not work