Poor_freq and MiddleIncome_freq doesn't work.

The membership % stays the same,no matter what.

Also,Poor_perc crashes the game.

Hi, these values do not work the way you expect them to. The income group a voter belongs to is more complex, and based on their base income, plus any influences to the simulation value (blue circle) for their base income group. So for example, someone may be at the bottom end of middleincome, and taxes on middle income people may push them to be worse off, and fall into the poor group.
In short, target the simulation values for low middle and high income, not the voter group memberships. These work differently in these cases. (That’s what the ‘overrides’ column in votertypes.csv does)

So how come when I raise or lower the earnings of each group (indirectly of course) I don’t see any change in the percentage that each category represents? The amount that the game starts with seems to vary a little, but it will never change within one play through, even if I manage to get poor earnings up to the top of the chart.

Hi, they definitely change, although you need to make your impact quite drastic to notice big changes.

None of this seems to be working at all. I tried every possible way to change Poor/Middle Income/wealthy groups memberships but none of them work. Changing _LowIncome/_MiddleIncome/_HighIncome doesn’t work. Using poor_freq, poor_income or poor_perc doesn’t work. Poor people are in every game regardless of country or mod same percentage. It doesn’t change even slightly. Even directly editing votertypes.csv doesn’t make any difference.

Sorry, but it does change!
I was quite impressed myself, but here, pls see youself.

Mission Germany, Difficulty 100%

As you know or may find there
this mission starts with about:
Poor : 19% to 21% of population
MiddleIncome: 49.95%
Wealthy : 31% to 29%

By end of term 3 / turn 47
I received these numbers:
Poor : 5% of population
MiddleIncome: 34.9%
Wealthy : 60%

Remark: screenshots as proof were cropped by Irfanview*
to reduce their size for this forum board.
( *great picture viewer, reads *.dds, shareware/freeware )

translation: Arm == Poor , Mittleres Einkommen == MiddleIncome , Reich == Wealthy
And you can recognise each group by their specifically dressed representative/voter.

Cheers :wink:

[ my system: Democracy 3, deutsch-sprachig/german-version, v1.14, vanilla (no DLCs, no Mods activated), bought at GOG.com as download ]

If I set overriden joins to 0 they will work like other votergroups?

I have the same problem as well, for a while
After the very first turn, whatever I do and however the starting conditions are, the distribution of poor/middle/wealthy people will change to 24,95/25,65/22,40% and those numbers won’t change anymore afterwards!
I know it depends on their respective incomes.
It is just stucked. Bugged.

I deactivated all mods, delete the folder in My Games, uninstalled and re-installed the game,… no changes.

Will somebody ever answer this ?
Sure it seems that it works for some people / at some time.
But it is definitely bugged for other ones.

I’m a steam user. No mods installed. Game re-installed several times. Tried different versions (1.13 1.14 1.15). Tried to edit votertypes.
Always the same issue: after the very first turn, wealthy/middle income/poor people change to the same percentages and those numbers won’t change.

When I change their “overriden” value to 0, I still have the drastic change after turn 1 (different numbers though) but afterwards, the percentages change very very slowly. (0.05%/turn)

Please tell me something that could change that issue. I like this game and I can’t play with that bug.

“Poor” membership is stuck at 25.15% for me. Middle income is also stuck, at 49%. I’ve gone through the “Poor Earnings” affecting policies and adjusted every one to maximize poor earnings, which is at 100%; Middle earnings is ~60%.

It seems like poverty is the fault of the individual and not the state after all ^^

I’ve attached a save game.
poor stuck being poor in utopia.xml.gz (272 KB)