Popularity bugged?

I’ve been trying many different runs since getting the game, and regardless of how I play I barely see the popularity indicator move over 7%. I have successfully tackled major problems (brought crime and/or poverty to zero) with massive boosts in certain polls, yet popularity and voter turn out are always amazingly low.

I often will take a massive effort into Criminal Justice Reform, that in D3 would either get me a second term or close to it. In D4, I do something very similar that leads to sizable boosts in both Liberal and Conservative polls. However, the popularity somehow manages to actually go lower…

  1. Does this sound correct in any way to you?
  2. Have you experianced this as well?
  3. Hints to aviod X and do Y?

How odd. Doesn’t sound at all right to me. Usually bringing crime down gets popularity up from near-zero levels and then some well-chosen anti-poverty can push you near or over 50% (unless other crises get out of hand). It makes me wonder what else you’re doing or not doing that keeps your popularity below 10%. Are you permanently in debt crisis or something?

No, and I have tried many different approches. Surplus, Deficit, killing unpopular programs (particularly in law and order)

I’m seriously thinking about a wipe and reinstall

I feel like there is a rather major bug here. I noticed that my popularity seemed to instantly plummet to 2% after the first turn regardless of what I did, and it became near impossible to get it up to anything close to 50% even going all-out pandering without a care for long-term consequences.

After a bit of playing around I found there is 100% a bug of some kind involved. When loading up the game and starting a new run as America, popularity is around 20% initially. After immediately hitting next turn it nosedives to 2%. However, the really weird thing is if you then go back to the main menu and start a new game, the STARTING popularity is around 2% instead of 20%. If you exit the game completely and restart, the next new game you make has a starting popularity of 20% again.

Screenshots -

After taking 1 turn:

After returning to the main menu and starting a new game with exactly the same settings: