Production Line Dev Blog #79: Build Up To Breakdowns


Some interim work is being done on the slot breakdown stuff:


And the broken down slot screen:

This mornings work on the UI The area-of-effect GUI shown when highlighting a maintenance facility. Greyscales the factory then shows the overlay of effectiveness in yellow when a maintenance slot is selected. Thoughts?

Looks good, but in my opinion there should not be a limit or maximum range for a maintenance department but just an increased response time.

Well there is kind of a maximum response time anyway, because even without having any maintenance slots at all, stuff will still get fixed, it just takes longer.
The UI for this looks better now, much more obvious, and many more stats,

Good to hear there is no hard limit on repairs. Otherwise I like it. Don’t know how random the repair times are but there should be many more short ones that real long ones, like 90%-10%