Developer blog video #68 (Re-work!)


Interesting new blog video Cliffski.
A small note that general laborers wear yellow hard hats, and electricians wear blue. You should technically be wearing a white engineers hard hat.

Yes, more research options is needed for the QA Slots as well as additional Marketing Campaigns. The QA slots has most definitely made the game more interesting.

The mass delete button would also be a good addition to the game, more so for the resource conveyor which are an absolute pain sometimes to remove.

And Cliffski. Lets get a bigger box like factory PLEASE.

Great job, nice game.

In terms of the vehicles which enter the showroom and have a defect.

I like the idea of including a triangular badge to the vehicle to indicate that it it defective. I would suggest a checkbox in the showroom, where I can select to not sell a vehicle deemed defective until the vehicle defect has been addressed (this should be a research item).

Two suggested ways of addressing the defective vehicle in question would be to either scrap as you suggested in the blog or alternatively to pay a cost associated with repairs (again a research item).

Guaranteed defect free vrooms!

Defects will get through that, but you can stack like three of those visual inspection huts in a row and that seems to make undetected defects very rare.

Didn’t know they were only 80% effective.

3 in a row would give a 0.8% possibility of a defect getting through undetected. Sounds like that kind of setup is about as good as it gets. As long as that doesn’t produce a negative impact with the customers, that’s OK. Beyond that, I don’t really like the idea if having to spam 3+ visual inspection slots just to keep the company’s rep in the black. Maybe a “staff training” research item that makes visual inspection slots more reliable?

OMG this is literal genius.

edit: BTW upgrades coming: (and nicer GUI to show chances)

Although they’re not guaranteed this definitely lowers the possibility as each time it goes through it’s got an 80% chance of finding something missed before so it should be relatively effective at removing any faults. Plus this setup should be relatively easy to increase capacity should your factory start to expand.