Putting graphical items under the base, zooming out


maybe I’ve missed it, or maybe it’s a bug, but I couldn’t adapt the Z layers in such a way that items (e.g. wings) were drawn under the actual ships.
Especially with wings this is usually preferred, so that you don’t get weird straight lines everywhere.

Also, I had the problem that I couldn’t put my thruster fire where I wanted it, because I got to the bottom of the screen. I can imagine this being a problem on the techincal side, but if you can allow a bit of zooming out, so that you can add a bit more detail on your ships, I’d really like that.

Cliff has said that he’s looking into adjusting the z-values of the base hulls, but it might be impossible because it could screw everything else up. So fingers crossed we get lucky. Also, I agree with you on not being able to zoom out far enough on the designer.