Question about shields

I haven’t put this in the support forum because I don’t know if I’m being really dim (it’s not un-heard of), but I’ve noticed since patch 1.04 that some shots seem to be ignoring shields. Is this intended behaviour? I’ve found both frigate Ion Cannons and cruiser lasers manage it; both are fairly anti-shield but my understanding was that shield resistance controlled whether a shield would even be damaged, not whether the shield would be penetrated.

If you have more than one shield and one goes down then the remaining damage goes to the hull, it was like this in the previous versions as well.

As far as I can tell this happening consistently. The other ships’ shields most have many, many shields for this to be happening.

Just to clarify, I’m pretty sure some of the frigates still had shields up when they were destroyed.

I know Cliffski explained it somewhere but I can’t remember the details but the important parts are that if a shot has enough shield penetration and or damage it bleeds through the shield. I think your shields are also divided into quadrants, so if the weapon has enough damage to beat 1/4 of your shields strength then it has damage bleed through, assuming it beats the shield resistance. I like cruisers too much and don’t play with frigates enough but I know that Heavy Plasma ALWAYS has bleed through no matter what shield you use or in what numbers.

That’s only true if you have more than one shield