Question for Cliffski and for you to...

I just started to upgrade the campaign galaxy, it is relatively simple and easy to learn but requires much work and focus to not forget to put right strings in right files… and it just hit me this (insane) question for you Cliffski :

How much work for You would be to create in game working modding/editing tools??. Like:
"Flaky"Hull Editor, Module creator/editor, Campaign Galaxy Map editor, MOD creator

and of course the next obvious question How much it will cost us :slight_smile: ?

And if it does This is an community question Do anybody is interesting in such thing and actually pay Cliffsky for creating it

Of course i am interested and wiling to buy such tools. It would greatly help in modding/creating/editing and the whole fun stuff…

Please tell me what do you think about this…

I don’t think this is a very likely option.

From a functional standpoint the problem is that in the campaign draws from the fleet designs used in the campaign which would mean anyone using modded ships would either not be able to contribute; or we’d run into problems with wildly unbalanced modded fleets that were impossible to beat with standard ships.

And from a strictly financial standpoint; the concern would be that it would cut into future revenue from additional race packs.

Well, that will be very very hard (i am avoiding the word “impossible”). U cant use modded content in a online campaing, not for now, maybe in a future we get a surprise, but that is very unlikely.

First of all you don’t understand my point exactly( or maybe i yours). As campaign editor i was strictly thinking about creating new galaxy map . Create a planet a few mouse clicks and it is connected with other planet a few mouse clicks again you have an factory and shipyard there. Campaign ecitor v 1.00 The End

As for your doubts I played FROM THE BEGINING the whole campaign using Tau’ri Mod Race, additionally twisted by my designs. And i worked fine without ANY PROBLEMS FROM THE BEGINING. I bet that Cliffsky done his job very well and none of you has bumped into the fleet designed by Nebdar.

The in game modding tool should be simple as the already included hull editor, which helps me from time to time to create new module/weapons slots in exact place, which is hard from txt editing side(make something run the game check out, fix bug run the game check out this is so time and patience consuming.

i hope i have made my thoughts clear,

And please tell me about yours…

I too have played the campaign several times using Unity and i have had no problems, but throughout the times i have played, not once did i face any of the Unity Fleets. In another thread in the modding section, Cliff confirmed that the Campaign will only send the original races to destroy you - no modded content.

However, do not dispair:
Cliff is investigating the possibility of enableing players to face modded content but as you can appriciate these things take time.

Back to the topic at hand, yes it would be nice to have a sort of campaign map generator to expand our modding tools :slight_smile:

In fact modded races should be trivial. All I need to do is uplaod all of the data from your mod to the server, and make sure you have an entry for your mod in the ‘packages’ folder, in the same way it’s in the existing official DLC.
it should then work transparently.
I’m very busy with stuff, so haven’t had a chance to check out specific mods to see if they support this, but people should feel free to email me if they know of a mod that would work well, and has a pkg file, and I can try and test it.
The only thing I can’t do is openly host any mods which infringe copyright, so no star wars or battlestar galactica ones :frowning:

In the meantime, check out the “Modding Tools” thread over in the Modding forum. Nothing available yet, but progress on a third-party editor at least.

yes i have seen it . but my dream is in game tool