Reduce shield modlues hitpoints [Balance]

After discussing it here and looking at the numbers, i think shield modules need to have their hitpoints (hull hitpoints, no shield ones) reduced.

Take the fast recharge shield and the multiphasic shield.
Fast recharge: 110 hitpoints, 262 shield strength. Combine 372 points.
Multiphasic: 115 hitpoints, 275 shield strength. Combined 390 points.

For tribe, 220 hitpoints, 131 combined 351;21 point difference.
230, 137.5, combined 367.5. 22 point difference

Of course, tribe dont get the full advantage of the shield resistance and recharge, but this does seem a little too close, seeing as how they get boosts from other modules as well.

Lower hitpoints would mean less of an advantage (Possible giving other races a much needed boost) and also increase the value of shield disrupters, a rarely seem weapon, as you are more likly to disable a low hitpoint shield when its down it the same time frame.

Two things:

  1. Shield recharge and resistance looks to be uniform across all hull bonus/penalties (including diminishing returns and ‘space conditions’), only shield strength differs. I know what you mean, I’m just making this clear for others.
  2. Destroying the shield module currently doesn’t stop the shield, much like how destroying the crew or power modules doesn’t bother the ship. This is verifiable with the new shield interface.

I’m not sure any change to the shield module hitpoints would achieve much in the way of racial parity. If they were changed to have less hitpoints and could be knocked out, it really just means the stock races would lose shields to ‘lucky’ hits or explosions more often.

Didnt know what about the shields, good info.

Of course, i would want to level another section, shield modules that can be knocked out, bit with non random distubution of damage? This may be way to big a suggestion, as it might require many other modules to be reconfigure, though limiting this effect to shields may help. Also, it might mean quick expendable fighters could knock out shields too easily, recudcing their effectiveness all across the board.

The only other thing i can think of, then, is to farther reduce the -50% shield effect of the tribe.

Just need to approach it from the other direction. Reduce their HP bonus from +100% to +50%.