Request for ammo weapons.

Sorry if this has been covered.

I see that nano repair and ship repair have an ‘ammo’ counter. I’d like to extend that further.
I need two ‘generic’ modules : small and large ‘ammo’
Example : small mass container= 1000 count, 2 weight, large mass container= 100 count, 2 weight.

This would enable weapons that have specific attributes, but are limited by ammo.

The weapons/systems I have in mind are like :

Mass Driver: Low energy requirement, Bypasses shields, Low armor penetration, Lightweight, fast moving
Drone Launcher Hangar : Automated factory with robotic welders. Each hangar launches waves of 3 drone fighters every x seconds that are automatically given orders (escort me, protect me)
Antimatter Bomb: medium speed, no tracking, detonates proximity, AE damage, very long minimum range
ECM Decoy flare: when fired, attracts enemy missiles. Takes damage from them until it is destroyed.

in general though, ammo would add a balance factor. Think mechwarrior, where ammo weapons have desirable traits but are limited in that they consume ‘slots’

I’ve thought about adding ammo for quite a while. It definitely does open up the possibility of having weapons that dominate the start of the battle, but then become useless. tbh, having unlimited missiles is clearly a bit silly.
On the other hand, it’s also pretty gratuitous… :smiley:

I don’t know about entire modules being dedicated to ammunition. It doesn’t seem right to have an entire portion of the ship dedicated to ammunition. Ships don’t fire enough shots in a battle to warrant it. The ships are quite big too. But how about a slider for ammunition weapons that allows one to increase ammo at the expense of cost and weight?

I don’t think this game needs an ammo system. It would be a restriction on being gratuitous! Obviously this does does not mesh with the spirit of the game! :).

I was thinking that the ammo is an obvious tradeoff for other stats. That’s a balance question, of course.

The diversity I am looking for are weapons that bypass shields, are low on energy use, and lightweight. We don’t have anything that is first-class that is both low on energy and weight. Someone might want a fast ship that had hitting power, at the expense of it running out of ammo.

It’s an idea, I can’t promise it’s a good one =)

The area I’d most like to see ammo implemented is in conjunction with the fighter bay idea that’s been mentioned elsewhere. Rocket/torpedo bombers would have to dock and reload, and any damaged fighters could come back for repairs. It would make deploying fighters a little more strategically complex, and most importantly it would add to the cinematic feel of the game. :slight_smile:

ohhhh… dude you may have just hit it on the head

that could be a way to balance fighters - they could have fuel and have to land and reload. That would mean that your fighters would have to have enough bays to service them. If you made a ton of fighters and no carrier space, they would run out of fuel and die.

another module for fighters… fuel tanks? =)

Yup, it would at least slow down the rate at which fighters/bombers can chew through an enemy fleet, and essentially force you to bring along a respectable supporting fleet of larger ships if you want your fighter swarm to have any staying power. At the same time, allowing damaged fighters to repair would give them a little more longevity, meaning you’ll see the scenario where all the fighters are gone by the end of the battle less often. Which I think would be more fun, anyway.