Resolution problem

While fiddling with the game’s screen resolution to try and get the game to run in windowed mode without the bottom of the window being cut off by the bottom of the screen…however, I accidentally set the game’s resolution too low, and now I can’t access any controls, because the window is so small that the buttons on the bottom of the start screen are too low to show up on the window.

KatzFirepaw, welcome to the forums.

If you open your game’s prefs.ini textfile, you can manually edit GSB’s horizontal and vertical window dimensions. Just type the desired values, save the file, then boot your game up.

There is a minimum workable pixel height, although I momentarily forget what it is. Folks trying to play GSB on netbooks routinely run into that hardcoded obstacle. As long as you set the vertical dimension greater than 768 pixels, you should likely be fine. :slight_smile:

As a last resort, if you delete the prefs.ini text file, GSB will automatically regenerate the file next time you play :slight_smile:

I attempted to run the game in windowed mode, and mistakenly chose a window size that was taller than the height of my screen. I cannot access any of the buttons, and I can’t find the prefs.ini file to either delete or correct it. I’m playing the game through steam, if that affects the answer at all.

Okay, I’m an idiot. I found the prefs.ini file.

Glad to see you found the file; this game is very particular about minimum screen resolution.

I’m not stupid, I just can’t find that ini file…
Care to help?
prefs.ini either I allready deleted it (in wich case, god help me!) or it’s still out there somewhere…waiting to be solved…
so any advice you might have…

Thats what we are here for :slight_smile:

If you cant find prefs.ini, run GSB again and it should automatically generate the file. If that fails could you answer the questions below to help us, help you:

  • which version of GSB are you running (Stand alone PC / Steam / MacOS / etc)
  • what is the acctual poblem your faced with (resolution to high / low / etc)
  • wha tresolution are you trying to get GSB running at ?