I was thinking about ways you could have sessions, already in progress.

For example:

You’ve just purchased an existing business, however they’re currently running at an operating loss with limited funds in the bank, you have X amount of days/months to use your capital investment to turn the factory around into an operating profit, or something like this.

Could be made via “Saves”
If Cliff would add the GUI option to load a Scenario you could simply add a savefile in there with the set scenario.

Simple enough :slight_smile:

For now Scenarios could be shared by posting a setup with the savefile on the forum

yeah I really need to integrate the missions into the save games…

Haha i feel like a pain in your ass Cliff. i just want you to know, i love the game, it ruins enough of my sleep.

I still cant make the factory make the profit i want however and i cant find out why, my calculation shows profit reality shows loss… anyway keep up the good work!