Sell rather than demolish production units

I’ve just got the alpha for this game and had a fun day playing through it.

One thing though; if you build a production unit and later want to replace it with specialised versions of that unit, you have to demolish it losing all of the investment that you’ve made into it.

Given that you cannot really make a profitable factory without making specialised units then the game isn’t “upgrade as you go” as I had hoped - you need those specialised units right from the start.

I’ve just made a profitable factory by building a couple of research units and leaving it run (while I went off and walked the dog) researching all of the specialised units before even starting to build a single car! Hopefully this isn’t what you intended for your game.

My (humble) opinion is that the game needs re-balancing so that the combined units can (more easily) make a profitable factory and there needs to be a sell rather than demolish so that when you upgrade to specialised units it’s nowhere near as expensive.


It would also be nice to be able to MOVE production slots to reorganize your factory even if there was a small cost to do so rather than have to demolish them and rebuild.

Completely agree. I feel like the inability to at least get a partial refund when destroying equipment limits how greatly how much im willing to improve my assembly lines because of the risk of bankruptcy.

EDIT: Actually I see it seems like there’s is a refund now. I think when moving the same equipment, it should cost even less in that case.

Yes you do get some money back when demolishing. I am not sure what percentage or amount you get back but it is some portion. Just wish you could move your placements with some small retooling cost also.

You can research “retooling” to increase the amount of money returned on demolished items.