Set specific policy to off in some country

Greetings dear communtiy,

since i searched for this answer and didn’t find answer i am trying my luck here.

built some country mod that work’s perfect, but now i am editing the policies under:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 4\data\missions\mycountry.txt

in my country death panelty are not exist, but if i set the variable to 0 it is still active in rare circumstenses.

there is a way i can disable this policy completlly in my country?



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By not listing it in mission file at all

If you list policy in file, then it will be active at value set as defined in file.
Some policies have default values, so if they aren’t set in file, then they will have default value of 0.5 in game.


Thank you soo much raxo2222 :blush:

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