Sim server 358 CRASH

Hello. My first post and it has a bad tone to it. :frowning:

I JUST bought the game I JUST installed it and I JUST checked through the options and then went straight to online mode.

There were two fields. “Registration Code” and “Username.” I had no idea what the registration code field meant so I left it blank. I typed my name into the username: “Mr. Weedy” hit submit name and BOOM the game crashed… :stuck_out_tongue:

So what’s wrong? Is my firewall blocking the game accessing the internet and thus it crashes or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also I really would like to get some info to those fields what the registration code and username do. Naturally username will be the name displayed to others when you are online but that registration code…?)

Edit: Oh, the help texts appeared when I hovered on top of those buttons.

And I also found the “registration code” aka the serial. You should include a note in the help text which says that it is in your email message when you bought the game. And I think you should combine those two fields to one so you HAVE to have BOTH your username and the serial before you can hit submit.

Edit II: I made a new topic for my other messages. :stuck_out_tongue:

I caused another crash.

I was on the third mission I was setting up protection targets for my frigates. I clicked set target and then instead of choosing a target, I right clicked to cancel the set target command but the game crashed instead. :stuck_out_tongue: