crash - adding friend

SIM_SERVER: Failed to open script response: .\src\SIM_Server.cpp 27

When I use ‘add friend’ and enter my friend’s name. He’s getting the same trying to add me. Game then crashes.

Final entries in debug.txt read:

SIM_Internet::DownloadFile(C:\Users\a\Documents/My Games/GratuitousTankBattles/web/debug/tmp785.html)
SIM_Internet::DownloadFile ends
message,username not found



(Note that AAA is my user id, BBB is my game serial number and CCC is my friend’s user ID)

Interesting, this is a bug I haven’t been able to replicate yet but I’ll give it some attention for patch 1.004.

So two ways I can replicate it:

  • invite
  • invite someone you already have in your friend list

In other words the crash is caused any failure in the invitation.

Wondering if my friend was failing because he’s not correctly registered on the server (hence the user name being not found).

Or it could just be me. I get hangs when I try and compare stats with the two people I do have in the friends list :frowning:

hmm. Got friend to delete profile.ini and his web folder (with its multiple files), go into the game, add his details, hit exit. When he goes back in, the game just sits there on “refreshing profile data” until/unless he cancels (at which point he can play). So it looks like his game profile on the server has a complication of some form. If he changes username, same issue, so it may be linked to his serial number (which I don’t know).

I’ve suggested he sends a PM with his serial number and user name to you (rather than post them on the open forum).

Found and fixed for 1.004 :smiley: