Slider bug in demo

Hi, I like the concept of this game a lot, but there’s one thing that prevents me from being able to try it to its fullest potential.

In the demo, whenever there is a slider to use (i.e. on the options menu and on the policies), I can’t click and drag the slider. Instead, when I move my mouse over the slider (without clicking) the slider begins to move left and right with my mouse. There seems to be no way to stop it, so when I try to change a policy and have to confirm the change, the slider moves with my mouse over to the confirm button, therefore severely limiting the changes I can make.

I don’t know if this is a widespread bug or if my computer is causing it, but can you please fix it or offer some suggestions?

certainly not a widespread bug! In fact this is the first I’ve heard of it. Does it do this in both windowed and fullscreen mode? Also, do you have drivers for any strange input devices on your system? Sounds like mouse clicks aren’t registering correctly.
Also its worth checking for spyware. I tried to find an input related bug in a game once and it turned out to be a keylogger.

It does do it in both fullscreen and window modes. I do use a wireless mouse; I’ll see if I have a hardwire one around and will try that. Besides that, I don’t have any strange input devices. Strangely, the sliders work fine in the democracy 1 demo. Also I will check on the spyware, but I doubt it’s that as I block javascripts.

Well it isn’t the mouse, as the same problem happens with a wired mouse.

Is there any keyboard shortcut for clicking ‘ok’ on the ‘confirm policy change’ prompt? If there is, I could just work around the problem.

There isn’t at the moment. It must be something about your PC, as everyone else would be mentioning it if it was happening to them. Something is interfering with direct input basically.

I have the same problem, both in windowed and fullscreen mode. No strange input devices. I’ll run anti virus & anti spyware scans but it would surprise me a lot if it find anything worse than tracking cookies.

I have no problem with the mouse in any other games/programs.

Edit: I figured out the problem. I have switched the mouse buttons, so the left button work like the right and the right work like the left. For some reason the game cannot handle this.

Aha, cheers for mentioning this. I’ll make sure future games and patches take that into account.