Sliders should clamp to the maximum change you can afford

Based on political capital, of course.

e: At least after mouseup, that is. Being able to preview what kind of changes you’d get with bigger changes is still nice.


Rightclicking or double clicking on red sections could clamp them.

maybe by holding down an extra key or something. But yes, that would be great

Ooooh thats a good idea. i shall add it to my list…

I think this is a mistake. Right now for many polices it only makes sense to clamp them to the maximum amount. Rather than adopt this as a final solution make it so it makes the most sense to default to the middle amount. Make the higher implementation more costly than its worth for the negatives. You still might absorb very detrimental negatives if you need the positive boost but it will make for a more dynamic simulation and more feeling of control.

Its purely GUI convenience suggestion

i see. i still hope that more policies can be balanced so the central position makes the most sense for cost effectiveness of the police and the extremes only obtained with high costs.

For this one I suggested bureaucracy simulation - caused by most of policies.
Would cause unhappiness and potentially lower some simulations
Bureaucracy could be lowered by some policies and simulations.

I also suggested trust of government simulation - caused by every voter group unhappiness.
Could feed into cynicism and fake news.
Grumpy voter group = some political division, that pisses everyone.

This way you would have to watch for extremes.
There is already cost function implemented in game, so it can be nonlinear.

Bureaucracy and government confidence (trust in goverment) simulations could be in Law section.

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I misunderstood the slider clamping. I thought the interface would open to the max value. I see now that for certain sliders it clamps to the next valid value witch is a nice UI improvement.

Yeah, if you drop it on red, then it will go to green nearest point.

Oh, yeah, sorry about that. “To clamp to” is programmerese, clamping a number to an interval means letting it move freely within that interval but not leave it (or put it back, at the nearer end of the interval, if it did leave).