Small bug with unimplemented policies list

Hello everyone, I quickly want to report a small bug I noticed while playing. It concerns the list of unimplemented policies. When you scroll down the list, click on of the policies, then click on one of the effects and then press backspace to go back you start at the top of the list of policies while the policy you clicked on is still selected. I know it doesn’t make sense when I tell it like this.

I’ll give an example if it’s still not clear.

  1. start a new game
  2. click on the lightbulb
  3. go to the “public services” tab
  4. scroll all the way down
  5. click on “youth politics council”
  6. click on “youth” which is in the estimated effects section
  7. click the go back button or press backspace to go back to the previous page
    Now you will start all the way at the top of the “public services” tab even though “youth politics council” is still selected.
    I think when you press backspace it should immediately bring you back to the policy you have selected instead of you having to scroll all the way back to it.

Is it a bug or a design decision, I didn’t fully understand.

Konami code discovered.

Chantern, I don’t think we can hope for them to return back if they don’t visit these forums anymore. But regardless, this might be a bug that probably got fixed with constant new additions.

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Hmmmm…thanks, Silviu, I guess.