Potential issue with voters + Policy slider issues

First of all, just wanna say great work with the game - I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head with how fun, intuitive and enjoyable the experience is with this one. After playing for some time to get the ropes, I noticed an oddity with the voters - not sure if it’s intentional or not but there are very few members of my party despite there being almost overwhelming support for it, with almost all members being activists - whereas there are no members at all for the opposition!

Another issue I’ve noticed seems to be that the text on the slider indicating capital cost seems to be misaligned/missized whenever the capital cost enters double digits (the cost is 18 but the 8 is almost invisible, below the 1) (EDIT: I can only include one media file in this post it seems, but the error is easily reproducible on my machine on any policy that requires 10 or more capital to change)

Whilst I’m talking about the slider, I’ve noticed it seems to get stuck sometimes, and I have to touch the original ‘dot’ to start being able to move it again. This is pretty consistently replicated by moving the slider to the maximum value possible for a policy, releasing it, then attempting to move it again. Another, much less consequential thing that sometimes breaks the flow of the game is if I manually revert a policy whilst looking at the screen (for example, I set narcotics from outlawed to medicinal cannibis to see the potential effects, then set the slider back to outlawed), the game will ask if I want to confirm changes, despite not making any. Again, I know how minor this is!

Finally, a small suggestion - I think when you close off policy boxes, there should be a third option amongst ‘cancel’ and ‘confirm’ that cancels the change and closes the window - I tend to open and play around with policies a lot to see potential effects, and going from 3 clicks every time I go to close the window to 2 would make things feel a bit more streamlined.

Once again, great job!! This is up there with Crusader Kings 3 for strategy games that occupy my every waking second at the moment - going to see if I can turn the UK into an authoriatarian theocratic state with my next playthrough!!