Some advices to game

Hey there,

I’m playing D3 for 2 days now. I want to tell my opinion.

  • I want to be warned about situations (for example: Brain drain, black market etc) before they popup. My releated minister or intelligence service can do it. When i increase income tax to 90% i know something will be happen in country but i don’t know what will happen. But someone must know this and tell to prime minister.

  • Assasinations: Same group trying to assasinate me several times. Why no one is doing something about it? Intelligence service knows who will try to kill me but not even after they try it they can still operate.

  • I couln’t see exact function of ministers. I’m using them to gain political capital. I believe policy ideas are generated by ministers but ideas are same in all games. Make them releated with ministers loyalty or experience.

  • Prime minister should be able to limit the govorment borroving. There is always money for what you want to do. No one is warning you about borroved money, when it becomes too big it’s imposibble to turn it over. So make the player able to limit the boroved money, when player reaches to the limit ask them to decrease another expenditure.