Some tips to get me started

I’ve just started the first scenario and I’m already doing crap. I’m not in debt much so I think I should be using money to sort out the unemployement which will sort out poverty and homelessness which will then sort out crime. Then I’ll move onto pollution and technology but I can’t find the best way to sort out unemployment. Increasing state housing and benefits works well at the start but then backfires on me and my GDP drops way low.

Here are some strategy tips direct from the dev (me ) :smiley:


new to this type of game too.

Playing the demo some…trying to decide to purchase or not.

Can someone provide a AAR? Or link me to a existing one.
I would like to see the steps taken, etc. to play and get a better feel from those experienced.

Also, can real nations be added (similar to D1)?


what is an AAR?
Here are some of the mods (not all)
They include countries from the first game. I keep trying to get around to doing a proper version of USA for D2. The flag is done, I just want to add some US-specific stuff to it.

AAR = After Action Report.
Players describe their game, strategy and approach, actions taken, sometimes w/pictures, results, etc. It could be full game played through or just a portion of time. I found these very useful to learn the game and tactics, etc.


Hello, I’m playing the first scenario and also having some difficulty.

I usually start with my first priority being a return to law and order, so I max out police, community police, intelligence and prisons in the first couple of turns and this seems to work well at first. After about a year I’m seeing a dissapearence of vigilante mobs, binge drinking and criminal gangs with inner city riots right on the way down and violent crime almost non-existant, I also get a sizeable surpluss of around $4-6 billion, yet when I introduce a couple of cheap policies such as free school meals, plastic bag tax and technology grants(on low) giving a total of about $1-1.5 billion in new spending, after a couple of turns, usually the very next one, I’m suddenly seeing my little surpluss turn into a whopping $20 billion deficit and soon get hit with a debt crisis. Can anyone tell me what on earth is going on?

The first scenario is not the easiest one, so you may prefer trying freedonia if you find the first one hard. But the major tip is to address the causes of low GDP. high GDP is vital, and picking your battles carefully in terms of what negative influences on GDP to tackle first is very important. Reducing crime will make people happier, but it will not do that much good for the economy. Concentrate on building GDP at the very start.

For debt
Technology grants, increase science funding to the max, rural development grants, small business grants usually help a lot if you implement the early enough, things that increase your productivity and literacy can help if they don’t cost too much like childcare provision and tech schools.
After a few turns this will usually produce technological advantage and maybe high productivity you may want to implement internet tax because more people will have internet access from these policies.

You will also need to balance implementing these policies with making people happy otherwise you may cure the countries economy problems but no one will vote you in.