Steam Key?

So I saw democracy 4 is coming to steam. I already bought it shortly after it came out before that was announced. How can I receive a steam key when the game is there?

Other than that, I have a suggestion. Please make it possible to keep playing beyond 2 terms! That’s way too short of a time to get much of anything done and I’d love to keep playing indefinitely. Another nice thing would be the ability to play as the opposition. But I think that’s probably a bigger change than just getting rid of the two term limit. :wink:

Its possible to play past two terms :smiley:

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steam keys will show up in your humble/itch account the minute we have them. I’ll request them on launch day.

Thanks for the quick replies! Looks like I’ll have to start a new game and end term limits. :+1:t2:

Great! Steam is practical for future patches, I appreciate that.

Mine just came through just now :slight_smile:

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Same here, just played it on steam!

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