Sudden drop to 25% Popularity

At a certain point of game time i always trigger a sudden drop to 25% popularity no matter which decision i make. And there isn’t a way out of this mess regardles of my actions so i lose the next vote. This is frustrating. Anyone else experienced this issue?

Is it everyone who loses faith in you? or just specific voter groups. You should be able to work out what causes it by clicking through to the detailed polls, then checking the popularity graph for any group that has shown a major drop. Sometimes these things are harder to track down though…due to the following phenomena:

Say 75% of the electorate rate you as a ‘51%’ kind of president. Your popularity is currently high./
Then a minor change by you drops their opinion of your party by 2$. Suddenly all 75% think of you as a ‘49%’ kind of president.

Under that scenario your actual popularity will PLUMMET! because when asked if they will vote for you, a whole load of people just got tipped from the ‘I guess so’ category to the ‘I guess not’.

In other words, the voting decision (which is what polls represent) is binary, whereas peoples opinions are granular. Or to put this in electioneering terms, your current numbers are ‘soft’.

Does that help?