Bug or no skill?

every game exactly one turn after the 2nd election my popularity drops from around 100% to exactly 29% (its always 29% and its allways right after 2nd election).

my population is 100% socialists and 100% liberal at this point. the groups of religious people, car drivers and conservativs are not existion enymore.

i am highly supported by commuters (big group), parrents, ecos, foreigners (very big group), poors, pensioners and farmers
i also get good support by Young, patriots, and labor unions
i get less suport from middle class and freelancers (but the barr is still yelow)
capitalists (low group) and rich hate me

thats the situation in my population, but when i watch the focus groups i only can find people who disagree with me very litte but stil support me 0%
strangest thing is, that i can even find people who agree with my governance in every topic more or less higly but dont vote for me…

whats that?

i play in germany btw…there is no limit to be reelected…

i did a little experiment. i did just nothing (0%difficulty) and i survived about 6 elections until i got killed. the state was a single dissaster but the people still vote for me???

when all are happy i dont get reelected, but when they life in poor anarchy i will?

another thing is, why the income groups dont change.

the income groups should be related to total income. when i rise the income of poor people by over 100% this group should disapear as well. also when i decrase income of rich people by 6% there should be a few less, because the poorest of the rich become middle class members

one last thing:
i hope i understood the causations right

red = as higher x as lower y
green = as higher x as higher y
frequence of runing arrows represents intensity
what is a black connection?

if i understood right, there are some very very strange causations. some are funny like as higher enemployment benefit as higher unemployment rate, but i think i have an idea about the logic behind. but some causations are just wrong i.e.: as higher unemployment rate as higher is payment. that makes no sense.

i would appreciate if someone could this explain to me!