[Suggestion]Bonus $$$ for 2 or more well combined effects

Hey there.

So I was playing some time and I had two ingridients. One that Soothes Cold and one that Soothes Cought. I though “Hell lets mix it and make very good cold drug” cause it make sense to mix both of those, as effects should support eachother. I also thought about adding Painkiller effect and make it even better. But…

There is not real reward for it. To be more precise whole thing lose money because line is so complicated. It use 2x mixers, 2x Cryogenic Condensers, Evaporator, Ioniser, Autoclave and Satchet maker. This give around 260 processing cost and only 244 of income. I also can not change the line as this is the cheapest possible solution. I could save 45 but then drug would have two negative effects…

So what I suggest is, that some effects mixed with others make both better and give like % bonus to cash, as drug is better so we can charge more for it (makes sense?) it could have grades of match as well:

  1. No match: 0%.
  2. Close match: 5% extra for each matched effect.
  3. Good match: 10% extra for each matched effect.
  4. Perfect match: 15% extra for each matched effect.

Match grade would depend on how good effects work with each other. Even though You would mix two things that do not mean they support healing. For example drug that combats ADHD and is a Female Conterceptive would get 0% match. But drug that as in my case Sooth Cold and Cought would get Perfect match. Or other example Antidepresant and Erectile Dysfunction drug (makes sense cause guys with such problem sometimes are depressed) can be a good match.

Also idea can work with negative effects, making two effects like super deadly or something.

That would add amazing level of depth to gameplay, as for now it is just not worth it and it is easier to produce two separate drugs as they give more money and are easier to produce, take less space and such.

Stops Insomnia + Induces Nightmares, or Causes Sleepiness + Induces Nightmares, or even all three together. The stuff that will put you in a really horrifying coma…