[Suggestion] Moar Graphs!


I’d really like to see some more graphs to help me with refining my production processes over time; and a little bit more information on the drugs I’m creating.

For example, about the drug:

  • Number of ingredients it contains, number of different machines each ingredient goes through. I realise that you can make the same drug using different processes, and the costs will be different, so these should be represented by showing you all of the ways that you have discovered of manufacturing the drug (by having done it and sold at least one unit).

And the graphs:

  • Sales over time (months)
  • Cure rating over time (or cases vs cures vs permacures)
  • Cost / Profit / Margin of the drug over time
  • All company financials over time

Basically, I want to be able to strategise by trying to manufacture the same drugs in new ways to cut costs, increase throughput, discover when sales are on the decline, see the cure rates (vs competitors?) and so on.

The production side of the game is fine, although I’d like to see some more complexity rather than the difficulty stemming from cramming large machines into tiny spaces, the business side of the game could really use more depth - like the original railroad tycoon, let me battle it out with the AI by buying up their business (or being bought up) and playing the markets a bit.