[Suggestion] Price Changing and Company/Product Reputation

  1. I really wish you could change the price of your product! Maybe couple this with rating increase and decreases based on your price. This could link closely with…

  2. Changing the product rating system to be more indepth. Instead of just a rating increase, great products should also eat market share of inferior products in a heavily saturated market. If anyone’s played the game ‘Capitalism 2’, I was thinking of the same effect if your product quality in that game is high. Rating could also be abit subjective - a little positive modifier if everyone else’s products give nasty side effects but yours doesn’t.

And if your company has multiple low-rating products, you could maybe suffer a company wide rating malus? Currently there is very little incentive to make a good product, the +10% usually just isn’t worth it, especially in the early game. Also the rating increases wayyyy too slowly.

Thank you for your suggestions. I actually have some plans in this area. I can’t reveal any more details just now, but hold tight and make sure you pop back in early March to see what I have in store.