Suggestions (Maybe)

I’ve been playing GSB for a couple of weeks and love the game. It’s really fun tweaking things and seeing what works best (I’ve got a new Tarawa-Class Cruiser that’s beating the snot out of scenarios that had the Iwo Jima Class struggling). But I was wondering about adding some options for patches/updates/future editions. If I can do these things but don’t know how, I apologize (and would ask for advice on how).

Delay I agree with a couple of other posts that it would be nice to add orders to delay movement, say waiting X number of centons/minutes whatever before a ship or fighter squadron moves into action and begins carrying out its other orders.

Alternate orders It would be fun to impose alternate order sets on ships given various conditions. For example, order fighters to engage fighters only until X% of enemy fighters remain, or have a ship go to Vulture after X5 of enemy cruisers are destroyed, or remove a Formation or Escort command after conditions are met or X amount of time passes. I know that attack priorities can do some of this, and maybe I’m just not refined enough in their use. It would also be fun to target other ships and go to alternate orders when they’re destroyed.

Of course, one problem I’m having is the Direct Control mode – haven’t figured out how to use that yet. So maybe this is all DOH stuff. Still, thought I’d post it.

And I haven’t gone all the way through the battles, but are there any convoy or landing-protection missions? They would be fun too.

Oh, I forgot. Is there anyway to save a list of battles and compare stats between them? I know my new Tarawa Class cruisers are kick-ass over the Iwo Jima Class, but it would be fun to compare some of the same battles where each type was used and find out how much more effective they were. Also, it would be fun to compare ship vs. ship performance – say the Peleliu Class frigates against Empire cruisers.

I think IRC Chat is a must have in the game.
The only present communication in the game is by sending a response after winning a challenge!

what If I want to chat to a friend while in lobby
sometimes I would like to chat with the owner of the challenge and vice versa… etc
talk about tactics or just socializing.