traffic-related crime?

So far I have not seen this notion implemented in the game or any mod. Should be favored by alcohol consumption and drugs; entail higher mortality (reduces health). Motorists and liberals should dislike more restrictive laws (and youth? everyone?), but parents would approve. There is already a policy concerning speed cameras but I think the idea deserves to be better developed.

That sounds like a great idea to me.

You can call it “traffic accidents”. They should disturb Commuters; with default rules, they are far too easy to please.

And that would mean you could add seatbelt laws, as well :D.
Actually it is a big, and discussed issue. I remember seeing stats that showed that more people died in the UK each year in road accidents than were killed on 9/11, yet the issue gets very little coverage. I guess motorists are a more organised lobbying group than pedestrians.

I have edited a function where Traffic Congestion and Violent Crime decrease Health.

With default settingst, maxing out Health is far too easy. This makes it a bit harder.

I suppose you could argue that traffic congestion is good for health in terms of accidents, because the average car speed is way lower :D. And ideally to model accurately the effects of traffic on health you need a ‘vehicle emissions’ variable that could be reduced by encouraging hybrid or electric cars, or low-emission vehicles. And then there is also the topic of driving tests. The standard of driving tests varies wildly between countries, as does the quality of safety features in cars.