trying to re-install

Bought my expansions from different sourses (gamers gate ,positech) Can’t find my GSB Order Expansion Pack executable. Anybody know the executables name? Thanks in advance!

Mine, bought direct is called OrderInstaller. The description is GSB Order Expansion Pack Setup

bought it from positech,so others “might” have a different name…

i bought GSB only from positech and trust me,if i could id rather knock on Cliffs door and get it for cash to bypass the last of the manipulation fees :slight_smile:

Maybe thats it. 2 of my orders have been from cliff. Lets see if I can find that file. Thanks

Orderinstaller.exe is it. Found it in my backup drive! Outstanding. Thanks

Actually this was good. I now have a directory with all my install files so re-installation won’t be a problem in the future. I really recomend it!