Where can I get an install file?

I purchesed this game way back in the 1st demo days and my install.exe files are all for the beta. Everything works pretty(with my codes) well except when I used gamers gate to load the tribe expansion. Needles to say GSB is a mess right now with like 2 howitzers showing up on the build screen and random crashes. GG was not very helpful on this otherwise wonderful expansion.

SO what I would like is a current exe instead of all the patches I have got. Tribes got messed as it didn’t want to install to a demo dir(I think) and I got a new machine for christmas and am dying to install it!

Check out my new machine! would you believe 1080i!

Hi, if you want a complete reinstallation of the game, you need to contact gamersgate, but the patches should be the exact same thing. The only possible piece of confusion can occur if the patch gets intsalled into a different directory than the main game, but you can always re-run any of the patches the game downloaded, they end up in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\patches

I can only provide re-download links to people who bought direct, because I have no access to the customer data for copies bought through anyone else :frowning:

Damm, I don’t remember who I bought it from. I purchesed it the day I joined the forums september 1st. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t gamers gate. Hmmm… Who else was selling it at that time?

You should have an email from whoever you bought it from, or if you email me your serial code at cliff@positech.co.uk, (do NOT post it here) I can work out who it was.