USA government budget is not accurate at all in the video game

This Wikipedia budget is vastly different from the game budget

This is not good at all and it’s a sort of disinformation that does the game a great disfavor and can’t be used as educational software.

Defense spending is around 3.2%, not 19%
State schools less than 1%, not 16%
and so on

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I’ve often wondered about this and would love to hear an explanation!

I can and have used this game in education, however. One can teach those details, but the game remains excellent for exploring these tradeoffs.

In part because there are few consequences to lowering military spending in the game (something I would like to see adjusted), I can imagine that if it was indeed 19% of spending it might make the game too easy to beat by just lowering that number over time. Of course, this could be offset by more exaggerated impacts on support from and growth of) the patriot group in the USA, making it politically painful and maybe triggering something like nationalist riots or breakdowns in trading.

In real life, social spending scales with the population of a country, but military spending doesn’t. In Democracy 4, neither does (or I suppose you could say both do). The United States spends more money on its army than anyone in the world, but that’s a result of a moderate level of military spending combined with being the richest country in the world rather than being a particularly militarized state. The United States isn’t even in the top fifteen of highest % of government revenue spent on military. The next country going in, South Korea, is however. So they should have the military spending slider tuned way up.

Perhaps countries should get a population-based modifier that makes military (and other FP policies) more cost effective.

This one is more defensible. D4 doesn’t model the state/federal divide, so education funding includes everything the states would spend. (Which should lower military’s slice of the pie even more, granted.)

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Do you realize there is a difference between GDP and Federal budget or no? Accusing the game of spreading misinformation while being unable to read a graph yourself…

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That is the FEDERAL BUDGET, it’s not GDP, it’s written clearly in English the title. You can’t understand that this game is too fake to be fun. I bought it but I don’t believe is accurate at all.

3.2% of what?

Military spending in game is 176 billions per quarter:

Spending in game per year:

176 billions * 4 = 704 billions

Military spending per year in real life according to your own graph: bild