Vast power differences in hull types?

Looking at the stats for the Federation Rabbit cruiser next to the Eagle cruiser confuses me. Here they are to give you an idea:

Cost: 160
Size: 220
Power Produced: 9
Standard Slots: 11
Hard Points: 7
10% Hull Integrity boost
6% Power output boost

Cost: 160
Size: 220
Power Produced: 9
Hard Points: 6
Standard Slots: 8
10% Hull Integrity boost

wtf? Is this game really that poorly balanced, or am I missing some glaring difference between the two? I could take an Eagle cruiser and leave three standard slots and one hard point blank and it would just be a better Rabbit. I understand that the Rabbit cruiser was a test cruiser created in the game’s development and that it was apparently more of a hassle to remove than to keep in, but come on! I mean, how hard could it really be to at least reduce the cost significantly…

Or is there actually something that I am missing?

Aside from armor tanks, the bonus hardly matters when compared with size advantage. Stick to the smallest hull.

Size of both hulls is 220…

The only 2 fed cruisers to use are Panther and Tiger (for armored tank).

The hulls, among many things, are not balanced in this game.

No no no, you fail to see the main priority while selecting hulls. You use the ones which look the best, naturally! That way mothers back home can be proud their sons are dying in cool spaceships, instead of optimised but ugly buckets of steel.

Nope I don’t like handicap much. Especially when posting challenges is such a big handicap as is.

Besides, the Utopia is not “that” ugly…

Not to mention, bigger ships make for cooler uniform patches!

Guys, the Rabbit cruiser is a joke. It’s horrible. Never, ever, use it.

well i use it for plasma guns, it looks good with them.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome, but statistically, it is… less than Ideal.

well, think on it like a older and/or different generation of cruisers constructed/buyed by the federation.

They’re what you get from the lowest bidder on the contract.

They’re pirate hulls, like the Guristas in EVE they take after. See the similarities?

Plausible deniability?

The rabbit cruiser isn’t the only example - the Tribe Sunset Fighter is inferior to their Dove fighter in both cost and power produced, and has nothing to make up for it - which is a shame since it looks rather cool.

Alas… Aesthetics are a wondreful thing…